How EHS Regulatory Alert helps you in team-building to achieve your net-zero goals

Building the consensus necessary to achieve ambitious, new environmental and health and safety targets can be a daunting challenge for businesses.

Ensuring that colleagues, committee members, management and operational staff are all reading off the same page is key to ensuring those goals are achieved.

Fortunately, for the past 20 years, Canadian EHS professionals have been able to access EHS REGULATORY ALERT – a single, one-stop, reliable, information service delivered every two weeks to your in-box that makes it easy to:

  • stay up-to-date with all the new EHS and ESG regulations;
  • understand how the new rules may impact individual responsibilities;
  • access free management resources; and
  • receive timely information and regulatory updates on regulations that impact your organization.

Information plus personal contact: How a subscription EHS RA can benefit you and your team!

As part of its uniquely-customized service, EHS REGULATORY ALERT allows its subscribers the option to share these benefits with up to 4 additional in-house recipients – at no extra charge.

Using this option, additional ‘reader’ copies are sent every two weeks to contacts on a distribution list you supply and control – along with a note recognizing the ‘parent subscriber’ as the sender.

Subscribers find this option useful in providing updates that link colleagues whose responsibilities may vary – from environment health and safety; to environment and social governance (ESG); engineering and operations managers – but whose goals are shared.

It’s a great way to keep others up-to-date while reinforcing the personal networking necessary to achieve success.

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