EHS Regulatory Alert – Your essential compliance resource

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EHS (Environment Health & Safety) Regulatory Alert is a premium subscription-based service for environment, health and safety and knowledge management professionals designed to track regulatory compliance developments across Canada.

Delivered bi-weekly direct to your email inbox, EHS Regulatory Alert tracks:

  • Industry and government stakeholder consultations
  • Bills, laws, and regulations
  • Industry and technical codes, standards, guidelines and protocols.

Developed in 1999 in response to requests from Canada’s largest corporations for a means to track new environment and climate change and health and safety regulations and requirements, EHS Regulatory Alert:

  • Takes the worry out of covering all Canadian regulation and compliance bases.
  • Provides assurances that key developments are being systematically tracked.
  • Gives advance notice of key industry stakeholder consultations.

With EHS Regulatory Alert you can:

  • Receive timely, professional coverage of your most pressing issues
  • Save time and money by using a single-source for all your compliance needs
  • Reference a fully-searchable pdf portfolio of back issues to find and track the progress of information you need to monitor
  • Post issues or send extracts for easy access by management and other employees.


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