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HSE (Health, Safety, Environment) Regulatory Alert is a premium subscription-based service for environment, health and safety and knowledge management professionals designed to track regulatory compliance developments across Canada, with particular emphasis on the oil, gas, energy and chemical industries.

Delivered bi-weekly direct to your email inbox, HSE Regulatory Alert tracks:

  • Industry and government stakeholder consultations
  • Bills, laws, and regulations
  • Industry and technical codes, standards, guidelines and protocols

Developed in 1999 in response to requests from Canada’s largest corporations for a means to track new health, safety and environmental management regulations and requirements, HSE Regulatory Alert:

  • Takes the worry out of covering all Canadian regulation and compliance bases.
  • Provides assurances that key developments are being systematically tracked.
  • Gives advance notice of key industry stakeholder consultations.

With HSE Regulatory Alert you can:

  • Receive timely, professional coverage of your most pressing issues
  • Save time and money by using a single-source for all your compliance needs
  • Reference a fully-searchable pdf portfolio of back issues to find and track the progress of information you need to monitor
  • Post issues or send extracts for easy access by management and other employees.

Here are a few of the things that HSE editors monitor:

Federal and international:

  • All federal EHS legislation, amendments and industry stakeholder consultations;
  • All requested Canadian energy industry acts, regulations, guidelines and directives;
  • All federal gazettes; legislative assemblies; departments and agencies (i.e. NEB; CNSC; NPRI; CCME; Environment Canada; Health Canada CMP; Transport Canada; TDG; TSB; PMRA);
  • Environmental and regulatory registries (i.e. CEPA Environmental Registry);
  • All federal drinking water and air quality guidelines; plus

Provincial, territorial and special interest:

  • All provincial EHS legislation, amendments and Industry stakeholder consultations;
  • All provincial workers’ compensation boards – rates, policies and guidelines;
  • All departments of labour; health and safety associations; environmental associations; and technical safety standards organizations;
  • All energy boards and industry association releases; etc.


  • All new EHS and energy industry-related provincial laws regulations and guidelines;
  • All relevant planning and municipal by-laws;
  • All EHS-related directives issued by: AER; AUC; AESO; AMD; CEM; C3; ABSA; Safety Codes; AEDARSA; etc.

British Columbia:

  • All new EHS and energy industry-related provincial laws regulations and guidelines;
  • All relevant planning and municipal by-laws;
  • All EHS-related directives issued by: OGC; BCSA; WorkSafeBC; Contaminated Sites; Science Advisory Board; GVD; etc.;


  • All new EHS and energy industry-related provincial laws regulations and guidelines;
  • All relevant planning and municipal by-laws;
  • All EHS-related EBR and Regulatory Registry postings; WDO; Toronto Municipal Code; OEB; TSSA; MTO; MNR; MAH; OHRC; OFM; OPA; ESO; etc.

National and international standards:

Including those issued by: ISO; CSA Group; CGSB; ANSI; ICC; ASSE; ASME; ASTM; NIST; UL and ULC; VCS; IEC; etc.

Relevant legal and due diligence cases:

Including abstracts and analyses of the latest court cases and decisions from Canada’s leading EHS law firms and practices.

(See ‘searchable archive’ to sample typical content).

Your HSE Regulatory Alert customized to meet your specific requirements:

Over the past 15 years, HSE has developed what we believe is Canada’s most comprehensive coverage of EHS-related information (see partial list of content coverage above).

We have achieved this by responding to the needs of individual subscribers who have requested us to track specific legislation.

Currently, we believe that we cover all material relevant to most individuals requirements for comprehensive EHS coverage. However, if there are particular aspects of Canadian legislation; stakeholder consultations and/or guidelines which you would like to make sure are covered by your EHS subscription, please let us know. If we can accommodate your request while remaining true to our overall mandate we will certainly do so.

Company-wide distribution and reference couldn’t be easier.

A basic subscription to HSERA, which includes distribution for up to 10 people, costs $1200.00 + hst per year.
Each additional subscriber beyond 10 costs $100.00 per year.
To avoid breach of copyright, Templegate sends the issues directly to each subscriber with a note saying that the publication may not be forwarded to anyone else or posted to any website. Subscribers send us their distribution list which is maintained by us in conjunction with the contact person at your company.
  • Subscribers are notified by email immediately when a regulatory alert is published.
  • Issues are sent as a pdf directly to your inbox.
  • Issues can be accumulated in searchable pdf portfolios designed to provide an efficient, one-stop HSE reference resource.

Order HSE Regulatory Alert risk-free

Take the worry out of tracking and monitoring acts, regulations, standards, guidelines and other regulatory developments.

Order your copies of HSE Regulatory Alert today.  There is no risk. If you find that our service fails to meet your requirements, you can cancel at any time and receive a refund for the remaining balance of your subscription.

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