EHS Information Services

Subscription-based News and Information Services for EHS professionals

Templegate provides professionally-targeted information services designed to support Canadian professionals seeking to stay up-to-date and maintain compliance in the fields of environment, climate change and occupational health and safety management.

Services are delivered digitally in searchable pdf files.

To save you time, information is edited and streamed for relevance by in-house EHS legal and engineering professionals with over 50 years of collective experience in meeting the needs of EHS professionals.

To keep you up-to-date, each information service offers a dedicated portal through which subscribers can access the most recent regulations, standards, guidelines and best management practices.

To increase efficiency, information is curated and prioritized in order to highlight the essential information Canadian organizations need to keep ahead of new developments. Typical content includes: gazette notices, compliance reminders; related legal analyses; management resources, due diligence and red flag reports.

To broaden understanding, analysis is provided by leading environmental and OHS lawyers to explain how current changes affect the daily responsibilities of owners, managers, consultants and employees.

To encourage consensus and team-building, each service offers the option of adding additional ‘reader’ copies for subscribers wishing to cost-effectively ensure that key contacts are all ‘reading off the same page’.

To resolve compliance issues quickly and easily, each service builds a searchable electronic reference featuring links to reliable verbatim laws, regulations and resources.

To obtain up-to-date archives for the current year and to experience the benefits of regular news and analysis, subscribe risk-free to our services today.


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